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Blooming Grove Inn

In approximately 1741, Richard Green purchased over 400 acres of land near the Delaware River. He then divided off approximately 250 acres of this land and established Blooming Grove Farm. West Upper Ferry Road, as it is known today, was called Blooming Grove Road for many years.

Upon Richard’s death in 1797, the farm was inherited by his eldest son, William R. Green, who had been an American soldier during the Revolutionary War. He, in turn, passed the property on to his two sons around 1812, and the last member of the Green Family to own Blooming Grove Farm became Richard’s grandson, James B Green Jr., when the title passed to him in 1847.

The building that stands today was built in the mid-1860s after the original house on the property was dismantled. It is difficult to find information concerning the years after James Green’s death, but it is likely that the current building became the Blooming Grove Inn. Located a half mile from the Delaware River, it was an ideal place for a stagecoach stop. Original hitching posts can still be seen on the property.

At the turn of the twentieth century, the property was known to be a restaurant and was a well-frequented speak-easy during Prohibition. Mary Marks purchased the property around 1950 and christened it Mary Marks' Ewing Manor. A 70-year-old menu that was discovered boasts "Food of Distinction," and indeed it was. Many people of influence frequented Mary Marks' Ewing Manor, including baseball great Ted Williams, according to local legend.

After a quarter of a century of success by Mary Marks, the torch was passed to the Lieggi Family and carried for 26 years more as Lieggi's Ewing Manor. Mr. Lieggi, a true-blood Italian, served as the Executive Chef and really showed Ewing Township what real Italian home cooking was all about. Customers still savor his Chicken Spezzatini, one of his many specialties. Along with his wife and children, and later grandchildren, he gave the town all he had until he hung up his Chef's cap in 2002. For approximately 12 years after that, the restaurant was known as Paulie's Anna Rose.

Steve Jordan purchased the restaurant in February 2014 and gave it the transitional name of Paulie’s Restaurant and Saloon.  During this time, a massive restoration process took place, led by Steve Sr and Master Carpenter Mike Bause, and on November 21, 2014, the restaurant was re-christened Blooming Grove Inn.  In the spring of 2015, we started a large vegetable garden in the backyard that yielded, among many other things, the hottest peppers in the world.  We planted and harvested the world record holder Carolina Reaper, and we expanded the garden in the spring and summer of 2016.  In 2024 we unveiled a brand new dining room on the second floor, which is now available for private parties.  We are constantly growing and thank you, our valued guest, for coming along for the ride. For now, sit back for a great meal, hear about what's still to come, and enjoy the ever-evolving building that has been a treasured part of Ewing's history for over 160 years.  We appreciate your support. Because of customers like you, Blooming Grove Inn is now in its 11th Year!

Steve Jordan, Blooming Grove Inn Owner
Steve Jordan, Blooming Grove Inn Owner

We are here for our customers and appreciate any and all feedback. We strive for legendary customer service. atmosphere, and quality of food. Our valued customers deserve nothing less!
- Steve Jordan, Blooming Grove Inn Owner